Prof. Cipriano Galindo at Research Seminar

Prof. Cipriano Galindo from the University of Malaga (Spain) will give the talk:

“Robotic Telepresence: An emerging Quality of Life Technology.”


The elderly is a significant segment of the society that claims a major attention given their dependence and risk of social isolation. A variety of Quality of Life Technologies (QoLTs) have emerged to cope with the different necessities of elder people, like for instance robotic telepresence. Robotic telepresence refers to a combination of technologies that enables a person, e.g. a relative or a caregiver, to be virtually present and to interact in the elder home by means of a robot.

Time/Date: 2pm, Monday, 27th Jan 2014

Venue: University of Lincoln, Room MC3107 (MHT building)

Open to everyone interested.