Workshop on Human-Robot Spatial Interaction at HRI 2015

hrsi-logo-rotMembers of L-CAS are organising the workshop on Human-Robot Spatial Interaction at next year’s HRI conference. This is a prime venue for researchers to share new insights and progress on the following topics:

  • Human-Aware Navigation (with a focus on elderly and/or mobility impaired persons, and children with motoric or cognitive problems)
  • Human-Robot Joint Motion
  • Human-Human Spatial Interaction (HHSI)
  • The communicative character of spatial movement, social signals in HRSI and HHSI
  • Interactive Learning/Adaptation of HRSI – “Human-in-the-loop”
  • Visual cues to facilitate legibility of movement in HRSI and HHSI
  • Feedback Measures and Devices for HRSI and HHSI
  • Ethical issues arising from mobile robots in elder care and education

Submit your research papers by 18/01/2015 – 23:59PST.


Further details can be found in the workshop’s website.